(Closed) April 2021 Request and Commission Form are now available!

*Update: April 2021 request and commission form are now closed. Thank you for sending the applications! Hello everyone! April 2021 request and commission form is now available! Additionally, there has been revisions related to pricing as well. Please read properly here before applying.  Thank you!

March 2021 Requests and Commissions are now closed.

 Hello everyone! Thank you for your requests and commissions submissions! We are now not accepting any request and commission submissions for March 2021. April 2021 request and commission form will be available soon around end of March 2021. Thanks!

Updated Request and Commission Details

Hello everyone! Effective from Feb 21, 2021 here is the page of the new revised Request and Commission Details. Thank you!

Special Offer! $15* Valentine RKGK Request (Closed)

*Offer no longer available!  *Only 1 character RKGK left! Hello everyone! Ever wanted for a drawing of your favourite character handing a Valentine chocolate to you? Yorokobe! For a limited time, we are now accepting Valentine themed RKGK for just $15 per character! Just fill in your RKGK* request here ! *(Request is not similar to normal commission, please read the differences here ) Terms and Conditions  Offers available until 11:00PM (PST) Saturday, Feb 13, 2021. Please insert [Valentine 2021 Request] at the top of the request details. It would not be counted as part of character limitations. Successful requests will be contacted via email or Discord DM within 24 hours. All artworks will be sent before 11:00PM (PST) Sunday, Feb 14, 2021. Only applicable for RKGK (quick drawing request), not normal drawing. Only half-body or partial body request. Please provide OC character sheet/details if its an OC. Additional pricing might incurs depending on the complexity of the request. (eg. f

March 2021 Request/Commission Forms is now available!

Hello everyone! March 2021 Request/Commission form is now available for everyone! Please note that we will read all the submitted requests/commissions on March 1, 2021. Please wait for a week for us to decide on which submission that we are interested on working! Commission and Request Forms page Request and Commission Details


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