Frequently Asked Questions

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General Applicant's FAQ

1.0 Art Request/Commission

[What is the difference between Request and Commission]
Please visit this page for more details.

Super Supporter+'s FAQ

1.0 Art Request/Commission

[When is the duedate to send the current month RKGK request?]
Every 7th of the current month.

[What will happen if I missed the duedate?]
We will remind our Super Supporter+ through Discord server to send in RKGK request before the duedate. If you happen to missed the duedate (without prior notice), you are not eligible for the $15 special pricing.

[If I missed the duedate, will I get refunded?]
No. The extra $5 from the Super Supporter+ is meant for booking fee ($5 as Monthly Supporters + $5 RKGK request booking fee).

[Will there be chances that my RKGK request will be rejected?]
A4: Unless you missed the duedate, we prioritise Super Supporter+ RKGK request over other requests/commissions. While it is almost guarenteed that your request will be accepted, we will privately notify and discuss if there's any issues.

2.0 Discount

[Do I have to strictly request one character to be eligible for the $15 special pricing?]
No. You can request for 2 or more characters, but only the first character will be priced at a fixed $15. However, it is highly recommended to only request up to two characters maximum. We might not be able to draw more than 2 characters due to time limitations.

[Does the discount applies on the second RKGK request?]
Only the first RKGK request for the current month.

3.0 Payment

[Why I only need to pay $5 and not $15 for the first character?]
A1: The first $10 are from the Subscribestar's monthly subscription. Added with the additional $5, its a total of $15.